About Us

UNISWIFT – where talent meets innovation. Sports have the power to unite nations, inspire people across the globe, and transform lives. It’s this belief that motivates us to add our unique contribution to the sports industry and change the world for the better.

Making Today Count

We believe in taking action today to make the future brighter. UNISWIFT was established in 2009 with the purpose of providing specialized sports products to kids and emerging athletes. Equipping the beginner players with the right sports gear not only enhances the performance but also reduces the risk of injuries. Our extensive experience and the knowledge of machinery, materials, and manufacturing has enabled us to provide premium sports goods at economical prices.

Social Responsibility

The choices we make have a direct impact on the future of our planet and we all share the responsibility of protecting this beautiful earth. This is why, we at UNISWIFT are always looking for more efficient ways to design sports products. We achieve this purpose by using non-toxic, finest quality materials for manufacturing goods. These better practices ensure that our products are long lasting and no toxins are released into the environment. By reducing the waste and our company’s carbon footprint, we play our part in protecting the future of sports

On the Path to Excellence

Rooted in the wisdom of BinIkram Industries, we started our journey of making UNISWIFT a world-class sports trading company. In 2009, UNISWIFT introduced customized sports goods. Since 2016, we have been providing premium sports products to prominent retail stores in Pakistan including Imtiaz, Chase Up, Chase Value, Panda Mart, and many more. In 2018, we started our venture in UAE and partnered with 400+ stores. Later in 2022, we formed an independent company. We have now established ourselves in the USA and aim to carry forward this venture globally.